These are downloadable games designed for young children with little or no reading skills.

They have lots of color and sound to keep little ones entertained. They are Hypercard or Supercard standalones.

These games no longer work with System 10, but WILL run in the Classic environment.

These Games Are Made With A Macintosh For A Macintosh.

These Games Will Not Work On A PC or PC compatible.

If you have any questions about these games you may want to check out this FAQ.

Just click to download.

Please enjoy!!

DollhouseTime - Arrange furniture in a dollhouse! This program's emphasis is mouse practice and fun. A clean-up button puts everything back in place. (897k)

ColorTime - Learn colors in a fun way! A chance to practice color matching skills by clicking the right button. There are picture surprises for the correct answer and a very benign "Whoops" for incorrect answers. (1300k)

SupperTime - Practice setting a table in a fun way ! More mouse practice and fun. Opens up a good opportunity to discuss what a place setting requires and, maybe, do some real live practice. (847k)

CookingTime - Play in a cyber-kitchen! A button does all the clean-up. Set a table, feed a plant, and try to catch a pesky fly. (946k)

Tomato Head - You've heard of Mr. Potato Head. Now there's Tomato Head! Have fun with this wacky fruit/vegetable. (1099k)

Calendar Time - Best with MacinTalk Pro installed and the sound up! There are two learning modules about the days of the week and the months of the year. There is also a play activitiy about the seasons and some birthday fun. (1700k)


Holiday Entertainments

Haunted DollhouseTime - Very similar to Dollhouse Time with a Halloween theme. Click on everything for unexpected surprises. Not recommended for children that scare easily/ (1800k)

Thanksgiving Time - Some simple fun for the holiday. Match a cornucopia and catch some noisy turkeys. (1144k)

ChristmasFun Time - A holiday entertainment. Decorate the tree, dress the snowpeople, and make a gingerbread house a work of art. (1930k)

Valentine Time - Best with Macintalk Pro installed and the sound up! Design a valentine to print out and color! Play a memory game with candy hearts! (1300k)

St. Patrick's Day Time - Best with Macintalk Pro installed and the sound up! Make up a toast. Find the leprechaun and his pot of gold. Better with a faster computer (over 68030LC). (1267k)




Bry-Back Manor